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A big Thank-You to our customers who take time to tell us how they feel about our products.  We appreciate it!

Unfortunately, we don't have space for everyone's feedback and well-wishes, but please do keep them coming!  :)

Happy New year! It's me again. Saw the P5/6 Reading Comprehension new addition. Looking forward to order and use them for my own and tuition kids. Thanks for your books - we love the simple and comprehensive Grammar Guides and so on. Thanks!

Kellyn Chua

I find My Grammar Handbook a very useful teaching aid for me, and also a good reference book for the very young children.  It is easy for them to find what they want because it is not as harsh as other reference books I find it provides enough knowledge for their age group, and makes learning a pleasure for them.



 I'm the Math HOD.  I was introduced to the problem solving strategies booklets that you have developed and I personally like them very much.  My P3 and P4 classes are using the booklets, I noticed that they applied the strategies that they have learned in their worksheets and exam papers.  Many of them showed improvement in the word problem section.

Thank you very much and God bless !!!
Shrlinda Lee

My daughter loves your illustrations very much.  Thanks once again and keep up the good work!

 Best Regards,


Hi Shuang Shuang,
Received my order!
Thank you so much for the efficient service and complimentary stickers!

My daughter is in St Nicholas Girls' School. I find your worksheets are very well written and provide very good practice for the students compared to lots of other assessment books available in the market which are totally useless.


Mrs S L Teo

We were referenced your production of test papers for Primary student highly by the school staff of Clementi primary school last year. We had used it for our son in P2, and found it good and useful.



I'm Miss Ling, a teacher. I came across your Math workbooks recently and am impressed by them. I would like to know how I can order a few complete sets of both the English as well as the Math workbooks for my nieces, nephews and friends' children as well (all levels). 
Thanks a lot.


Hi, I am Mrs Christie Chong, my son, Gerald in P2 is studying in Henry Park. Bought your book on Mathematics for problem solving - it's really good.

With thanks,



Your worksheets are simple but effective. Will you consider to come up with a set of Language Worksheets for the higher primary? There are just not enough good and effective grammar exercises for use.

Linna Chua

My son studies in Grade 4 .  Your Science book is really helping him, so much that I want to try your Maths Process skills 5-6!

Please tell me where to buy.

Pronoy Mukherjee

Btw, the children loved learning to draw that picture and other pictures as well from the series of books that you have when I was with my ex-school. Thank you for bringing us hours of pleasure during Art lessons.

Warm regards,



Ethan likes your books and so do I.  He feels good whenever he completes an exercise especially the comprehension exercises. I've noticed that he's become more confident after completing Books A and B.  So, thanks to you!  Keep up the good work!




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